Our Mission

The Breast Cancer Comfort Foundation. aims to offer comfort, emotional support and encouragement to individuals whose lives have been forever changed by curative or preventative breast cancer treatment. We do this by delivering unique “Comfort Baskets” and “Chemo Comfort Bags”  containing thoughtfully chosen gifts and personal care items.

Our Project

Our current project, “Comfort Baskets”, was created to aid those who have recently undergone breast cancer surgery. We have included treatments such as chemotherapy and created “Chemo Comfort Bags”. These “Comfort Baskets and Bags  and are central to our cause, as they give individuals reassurance in knowing they are not alone.  We want to inspire and help them to realize the power of their inner strength.

“Pay It Forward”

If you would like to contribute to this or any of our many other future projects, please consider making a donation.  Any amount is greatly appreciated and it all goes directly to funding “Comfort Baskets” and “Chemo Comfort Bags”.


  1. Mariela Alcivar's Gravatar Mariela Alcivar
    June 25, 2017    

    I am currently battling triple negative breast cancer and the chemo was tough and didn’t really work. Tomorrow I am going to see my oncologist and my surgeon to discuss what to do next. I have not had surgery yet. I am very scared & worried. I am a 43 year old single mom living in Queens NY. What you do is wonderful.

    • July 28, 2017    

      I am so sorry that I did not see your comment earlier, I am hoping that you have weathered the storm and are on your way to healing. You are in my prayers and thoughts. I would love to send you one of our baskets, you can contact me at breastcancercomfort@icloud.com (I promise to answer you faster then this comment) Stay strong and journal journal journal!!!

  2. Pam's Gravatar Pam
    August 30, 2017    

    I have a friend, more like a sister who is battling breast cancer. I recently gave her a bag with gifts, things I thought she might need. I wanted her to know I was thinking about her. I was not sure what to buy. All I can do is send her items because she doesn’t allow me to see her. It’s been a year. These comfort bags are awesome I’m glad you started this. I cannot describe the feeling I got when she text me “thank you” other than it felt good. Do people send you names of individuals or do you visit the hospitals themselves and hand out the baskets??

    • BCCF's Gravatar BCCF
      September 13, 2017    

      Hi Pamela,
      Unfortunately we never get to meet our basket receivers 🙁 I used to hand deliver the baskets when the doctors asked me to but it became so big that it was impossible to get everyone. Now we deliver to the doctors and they hand them out themselves. I am happy when people send us thank you’s because I know then that my dream is going forward!!
      Thank you
      If you want to contact us or spread the word (we would love that!) you can write me directly at breastcancercomfort@icloud.com

  3. Shoni Brown's Gravatar Shoni Brown
    September 1, 2017    

    I just recently underwent breast surgery and was wondering how I would be able to get a comfort basket??

    • BCCF's Gravatar BCCF
      September 13, 2017    

      Shoni, I am sorry that you have had to make these decisions! Please send me your address at breastcancercomfort@icloud.com and I will get a basket out to you. Are you doing any chemo?

  4. Christine's Gravatar Christine
    December 8, 2017    

    Hi. I recently underwent bilateral mastectomies for bilateral breast cancer in October. It has been rough with having 2 young boys. I am in the reconstructive process now with tissue expanders, which is somewhat gruesome, to say the least. I do not need chemo, so I am grateful for that. I was wondering if I could receive one of your comfort baskets. Thank you for helping people battling this horrific disease.

    • BCCF's Gravatar BCCF
      December 12, 2017    

      Hi Christine, I am sorry that you have had to go through this but if you want to know anything maybe I can help!!! I work as an OR nurse in my spare time (lol) so I can tell you all you never asked your doctor but wanted to know 🙂
      Of course we can send out a basket, just let me know where to send it and it is yours! Please let me know when you recieve it so that we can account for them as some baskets have not gotten to the intended person.
      You can email me at breastcancercomfort@icloud.com and I will get it faster. Hang in there and never give up!! We are in this together.

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