The substantial psychological distress experienced by breast cancer patients must not be overlooked. Treatment of any mental health issues that arise can assist women in coping with the disease and its aftermath. Comfort Connections is a helpline center focused on the healing and enhancement of mental health among breast cancer patients residing in Hicksville. We intend to target this population by utilizing our patient inventory system, which contains the contact information of patients who have received baskets. To further raise awareness of our helpline center, we are creating informational posters to be displayed in hospitals and cancer centers and making announcements on various social media platforms.

The BCC website will serve as the centralized location to list available resources, such as a directory of mental health professionals. This comprehensive guide will outline the journey commonly taken by patients through a weekly publication on the website. From detection and diagnosis to treatment side effects, these publications are intended to inform members of the breast cancer community.

The principal component of our helpline center entails the creation of a virtual network, Comfort Companions, that will offer opportunities to easily connect with other breast cancer patients. Women who wish to participate in this program will indicate their interest on a designated form available on the website at the launch of the initiative. Comfort Companions presents a means for patients to exchange advice, understanding, and support through virtual hangouts and other forms of social media. Individuals who partake in this program can also choose to share their voices through Survivor Stories. These personal reflections will offer advice and perspective to women experiencing a similar journey.

The final component of our helpline center involves a question and answer service. These are not intended to be medical advice but will be provided for information and convenience. Team members of the BCC will actively address the concerns and queries of patients, with a special focus on mental health.

Breast Cancer Comfort Foundation is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization recognized by the Internal Revenue Service, and all donations to the Breast Cancer Comfort Foundation are tax-deductible in accordance with IRS regulations.

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