I’m a Previvor


Where do I go for support as a previvor? I can’t go to a meeting, stand up and say I almost had cancer.

Over 8 years ago I began on this roller coaster and today I stand alone and somewhat embarrassed because I did not have cancer. What I did have was a very high risk of getting cancer so I was lucky that I got to make a choice before cancer made it for me. Where do I go? What support groups do the have for the almost club? I see brave women everyday that undergo surgery because they have to. What can I say to them? I only speak about what happens after surgery but I cannot tell them about cancer. I can tell them about the fear of waiting for those words “I see something on your…mammo, sono or MRI” I can tell them how the fear made my stomach turn and I began to turn on everyone around me. I can tell them about standing in the shower as I cried and sobbed until it was time to dry off, thrown my shoulders back and show everyone my strength.

My mission this year is to have a previvor support group begin meetings. I would like to reach out to the previvors who would like to participate. Email me and lets get this group started!!!!


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