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When we were first created our mission was to give back to those who were undergoing treatment related to breast cancer. We understand these times may be difficult so we create and deliver these gifts of comfort.

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Help Women And Men Who Are Alone In Their Battle With Breast Cancer.


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Almost a year since we started this website and I am proud to say that we have given out almost 100 baskets.  We started with women who had just had treatment for breast cancer and have grown to send special request baskets and chemo baskets.  It is an amazing journey and my friend Andy has […]

How The Magic of The Breast Cancer Co...

How The Magic of The Breast Cancer Comfort Foundation Gets Accomplished

  From the beginning in October 2014 to this very day in May 2015 The Breast Cancer Comfort Foundation has made many strides. Debi and I (Andy) have worked hard to get where we are today. We both have full time jobs and Debi also attends classes at college. Most of the magic of our foundation gets […]

I’m a Previvor

I’m a Previvor

Where do I go for support as a previvor? I can’t go to a meeting, stand up and say I almost had cancer. Over 8 years ago I began on this roller coaster and today I stand alone and somewhat embarrassed because I did not have cancer. What I did have was a very high […]

The day after surgery

The day after surgery

So I wake up at 5:00 am and get dressed in something comfortable because today is the day I am going to have yet another surgery to “tweak” my artificial boobs. Fat will be taken from my abdomen (lord knows I have enough to spare) and will be transferred to my redesigned breasts. Its not […]

What happens AFTER the mastectomy????...

What happens AFTER the mastectomy?????

I thought when I had my breasts removed that all of the anxieties and fears would go away. SURPRISE!!!! The mastectomy was the beginning of the journey and now I sit here waiting to go for yet another surgery to reconstruct my breast reconstruction. Two years ago I entered the hospital right before Christmas and […]

Giving Back to Breast Cancer Survivor...

Giving Back to Breast Cancer Survivors: August 2013

Four months after surgery for breast cancer….it was time to give back to others. This was the first time with this large of a group of survivors. It was very emotional and empowering I cried when I left. We all got together and put together belts designed to hide the drains left in after mastectomy […]

Jones Beach…Making Strides agai...

Jones Beach…Making Strides against Breast Cancer

This Sunday October 19th will be another walk for Breast Cancer. I tried to find out the history of this yearly walk that attracts thousands and thousands of people. I went back to 2005 and found an article in a small newspaper so I attached it to this editorial. Long Islanders Participate in Making Strides […]

The Story Of The Ribbon

The Story Of The Ribbon

Breast cancer seems to be everywhere and the color pink is connected to it….hmm are you wondering why?  Did you know that this trend started originally with the “tie a yellow ribbon” campaign for the hostages in Iran in 1979.  In 1990 Aids activists “Visual Aids” looped and pinned a red ribbon to acknowledge AIDS […]

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