Thanks for giving….

We are all so grateful for the last few years and to all those who have not only watched our growth but have helped with the process.  We all made mistakes, lost our patience at times and felt the stress of a million issues on our shoulder BUT we grew because our mission has never changed.  The purpose of our “Comfort Baskets” has always been to bring support and strength to patients undergoing treatment for breast cancer.  We are here to talk, to say “how are you now that you have begun your journey”?  We are here.


Over 720 baskets have been delivered to patients, medical offices, breast cancer navigators and cancer centers in Nassau County.  We have hand delivered special request baskets and mailed out several also.  Bake sales, speeches, emails,  craft sales, phone calls and requests for donations have kept us busy this year but we would do it all over again if it helps a woman or man know that they are not in this fight alone.

At this time I want to thank my partner Andy Rampersad, the volunteers who have donated their time and money to our cause.  Our supporters are on our webpage and they are growing each day but I wanted to give a special thank you to Myriam, Cassandra, Lisa, and mostly my sister, Susan who has shopped, created, sewed, packed, moved, delivered and stood by my side in all my craziness.  The Breast Cancer Comfort Foundation is looking forward to another year of growth and another year of learning.


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