2019 will be leaving us soon and I for one am not ready!! I just got used to the fact that New Years Day was over and I would now have to correct every date by putting a 9 instead of an 8. Valentines day has passed? When exactly was that because I must have blinked. I wanted to buy a heart full of chocolate but now all I can get is a bag full of M&M’s on sale. I love pink! I love Valentines day and now I have to start looking towards St. Patrick’s day. I was not Irish, I should tell you that first BUT I found out through 23 and me that lo and behold I AM Irish so now I should have bought something green but Easter and Passover are approaching so I have to start thinking about that. WHAT?? Those holiday’s passed also? This is ridiculous, next you are going to tell me I missed summer and Halloween and Thanksgiving. Well, Christmas and Hanukkah are next week so before they pass me by and it is too late, I want to wish all of you a happy holiday season. May your days be warm and your drinks be cold (or the other way around lol ). I wish for you gratitude and peace, I wish acceptance and kindness, I wish support and laughter. In other words have an amazing few weeks and start practicing your 2020’s 🙂